Are Wireless Child Leashes Truly Alright To Use?

I’m uncertain what to think about the latest cordless dog leashes. While I understand the worry of parents and why they began to utilize leashes for starters, it’s just somewhat troubling in a way. I’m certain the wireless child leashes are supposed to look more appropriate. But, what will stop a child from doing anything if the leash is wireless. It doesn’t zap them would it? If this were all pretty much GPS that may be different, but I’m worried about the way these wireless leashes are used to monitor kids.

However, as soon as I made some research, the electronic leash only gives off a sound every time a child goes way beyond a predetermined length. I believe it is ideal when me and my child walk in the the park or in the mall. I do not have to keep my eye on him constantly since I will hear a sound if he wanders far from me.