Protecting Yourself Versus Aggressive Canines

Dog repellent is a harmless, humane solution to protect yourself from harmful dog attacks. Approximately 4.5 million Americans are bitten by canines each year, a lot of them youngsters. In case you often find yourself walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods or dealing with unfamiliar pets, carrying dog repellent might be advisable.

Nearly all breeds of dogs can become hostile when they feel in danger or are harmed. Dog repellent works by providing a concentrated pepper mist directly to the canine’s eyes and mucous membranes producing pain and swelling. The effects of pepper spray for dogs aren’t long term – commonly lasting only an hour or so – but they will give you plenty of time to escape to a safe area. The best part is, dog repellent is effective from about 10 feet away which means you do not even have to risk a tussle with an aggressive canine.

Law enforcement officials as well as delivery workers nearly all use dog repellent to keep them safe at work, and a cartridge is much more affordable than you think! Give one as a present, keep it inside your pack, or take it on your keychain so you’re constantly prepared to face off against an irritated, violent canine.